We use behavioural science to influence behaviour.
And digital technology to scale it.

The tools we use

There’s a new generation of science and technology. For the first time in history we have the potential to influence behaviour in a way we never have before.

Behavioural science

  • Psychology & Gamification

    to boost people’s motivation

  • Behavioural economics

    to shape people’s thinking & decisions

  • Design thinking

    to create the ideal conditions for action

Digital technology

  • Customer analytics

    to build a better understanding of your customers

  • Automated personalisation

    to forge automated meaningful connection

  • Artificial intelligence

    to predict what will influence each person

Our capabilities

We believe that customer influence is a strategic capability. Our purpose is helping organisations develop that capability.

Behaviour change design

Use our Behaviour Influence Frame and simple 5 step process to design the most cost-effective path to desired behaviour.

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Behavioural analytics

Unlock the comprehension of your customer’s behaviour and transform into actionable insight.

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Engagement automation

Turn automated, adaptive and personalised digital interactions into better engagement and retention using AI.

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CBMs are the new CRM

Customer Behaviour Management systems underpin an organisations ability to understand their customer’s behaviour.

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Application development

Our UX and dev teams work hand-in-hand with our Behavioural Designers to bring scalability to behaviour influence programs.

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BehaviourIQ platform

We are currently developing a totally new way of influencing behaviour for large audiences of people.

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Beyond the lab

Medication adherence

Failing to adhere to medical treatment programmes has considerable economic and well-being costs. MORE


The single largest determinant of population well-being is people’s behaviour, but how can we influence change. MORE

Habit mastery

Creating and changing habits is a skill and a muscle that can be systematically learned and developed. MORE


The future of the digital interfaces will involve a combination of the traditional visual UI and a conversational interface. MORE

Persuasive Technology

While science and technology influence what people can do, the combination influences what people actually do. MORE

Technology determines what people can do.
Behavioural science influences what they actually do.

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About Rehabit Labs

New Zealand’s Behavioural Design and Persuasive Technology agency. Our trans-disciplinary approach brings together the effectiveness of behavioural science, marketing, game design, behavioural economics, as well as proven & emerging digital technologies. We transform psychological principles into real and measurable changes in behaviour.

Our mission is to enhance the capability and well-being of all New Zealanders. Combining behavioural science and digital technology to create scalable solutions to some of the worlds toughest problems.

Our vision: We want to make a lasting impact for all people from the smallest of habits and capability building to influencing the physical, mental and social well-being of all humankind.

Our passion is partnering with organisations to work together on problems where behavioural science and technology can have the biggest impact.

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