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We work with organisations to close the gap between desired outcomes and people's capability to realise them

Our mission

We're a new type of agency that combines the latest behavioural science and digital technology to design and develop bespoke behavioural-digital solutions that build people's capability to perform and flourish.

Whether the outcome you want for people is improved well-being, ability to save money, increased productivity, or developing new skills, we help you to increase people's influence over their own future.

Change for good

We provide behavioural technology & design to organisations that are helping people meet new challenges and opportunities
All habits are based on a common cognitive pattern. By understanding this pattern its possible for us to "hack" habits. Breakthroughs in cognitive science, behavioural economics, game design and artificial intelligence are creating new ways to personalise and scale behaviour change for good.

As a design agency and innovation lab our work lies in co-designing and developing apps and solutions that support people to change their behaviour & their habits in order to increase their effectiveness, agency & well-being.

Capability & performance

We work with people and organisations who recognise that better outcomes are ultimately dependant upon improving the performance of individuals. We supplement personal & professional development programs to increase long-term effectiveness.

Health & well-being

We work with organisations responsible for the physical, mental and financial well-being of people. We complement existing approaches and programs to bring robustness to changing behaviour for good.

Our work

Rehabit Labs leverages the power of behavioural science, artificial intelligence and digital technology to create digital experiences that change behaviour for good.


Habits are the “atoms” of behaviour and “habit mastery” is a learnable capability. Competency in any domain is a matter of developing mastery in a set of habits. By identifying these habits and a designing a program to develop mastery in them we can change behaviour for good.

Behaviour change

Behavioural science helps us to predict and influence patterns of behaviour. Using the psychology of motivation together with design thinking, we use a 4 stage process and a rich set of behavioural mechanics to design engaging experiences that change behaviour for good.

Digital product & program design

Digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence enable us to scale and personalise behaviour change programs to mass audiences. We partner with our clients to design and develop innovative and accessible digital experiences that change behaviour for good.
Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.
Jim Ryun

Our tools

There’s a new generation of science and technology. For the first time in history we have the potential to influence behaviour in a way we never have before.

Behavioural science

  • Psychology & gamification

    to boost people’s motivation

  • Behavioural economics

    to shape people’s thinking & decision-making

  • Design thinking

    to create the most accessible conditions for action

Digital technology

  • Behavioural profiling

    using Data science to build a better understanding of people & their behaviour

  • Automated personalisation

    to automate meaningful interactions

  • Artificial intelligence

    to predict and personalise what will influence each person

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We are a cross-disciplinary team of designers, behavioural scientists, technologists and innovators. Supporting people to improve their self-authorship is critical in addressing the key challenges facing people and society. We believe that people, and the organisations and communities they are a part of, flourish when they develop and apply the capability to meet their own needs.

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